Saint James Cafe

Saint James Cafe

8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

This morning we went to Saint James Cafe in our little Malvern Rd shopping strip. To be honest when we’d walked past Saint James in the past I’d thought it looked a little too trendy and popular for my liking. I learnt once again though that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

For drinks I had an iced latte and Virginia had a pot of chai both of which were very enjoyable.  Virginia said they did the chai exactly they way she likes it which is tea leaves brewed with milk.

For breakfast Virginia ordered the Port glazed wild mushrooms (poached egg, house made ricotta, tarragon, sourdough) and I ordered the smashed avocado (poached egg, ruby murry dukkah, salsa verde, red pepper hummus, multigrain toast) with bacon.  The flavours were amazing and the eggs poached perfectly.  It was a nice relaxing breakfast where the service was prompt and friendly even though they were run off their feet.

I originally was thinking of 7 stars for the rating but after some discussion we couldn’t fault much and I do want to go back and try the great looking bacon and egg roll.  There was also an interesting special which was chicken waffles.  In the end we decided on 8 stars.

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