Mr Black Espresso Martini Fest

Mr Black Espresso Martini Fest

I follow What’s On Melbourne on Twitter which I’ve found is a great way to hear about some great activities and places to try out in Melbourne. I first heard about the Mr Black Espresso Martini Fest last year. Mum was down for a day out in the city for her birthday and at the end of the day when we had time before her train left I thought we could drop in and check it out. We did get a couple of funny looks, I think I was the only person there with his Mum. It was a very narrow age group in attendance.  We didn’t have a lot of time and so after a drink we left but I had enjoyed it and thought that it would be good to go back for a longer period of time and have a better look around all the stalls. So when I saw the tweet that it was coming up again this year I suggested to Virginia that we go.

It is held at the Meat Market in North Melbourne which is a great venue.  We bought tickets online and when we got there, there was a queue to get in.  I thought it was going to be packed which I never find enjoyable but once we got inside there was a comfortable number of people there and it didn’t take long to get a drink.  I think it probably took us longer to decided what we were going to drink.

We started with a standard espresso martini and while we were drinking that we had a bit of a look around. There were at least 3 different bars that served different ranges of espresso martinis, there was a Holgate Brewhouse bar for those needing a beer in-between, and there was one stand for The Everleigh Bottling Co. that sell pre bottled cocktails. There were two food stalls inside and more outside.  We didn’t have a good look outside but did try a sample of a very decadent brownie at the sweets stall and had a couple of arancini balls from That Arancini Guy. The other thing available that we didn’t have but looked amazing was cooked pasta being put in a big wheel of cheese to coat it.

We went to a master class on how to make an espresso martini. Two audience members were invited to go up the front and follow the instructions on how to make one and then they were able to sample what they made. I was lucky enough to be the second audience member called on.

There were a couple of stand out drinks that we had, one was Salted Caramel espresso martini with a small doughnut on top and the other was a White Russian slushy. We both loved them especially the slushie. We purchased a bottle of Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur which is fantastic over ice. We have thought it would probably be very nice over ice cream as well although we haven’t tried that yet.

I’d highly recommend anyone who enjoys an espresso martini attend next years Mr Black Espresso Martini Fest.

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  1. Thank you for the memories. What luck to be called to the stage to make the Espresso Martini. A big part of the enjoyment of this festival for me last year was the amazing building in which it was held. The architecture is fascinating. Loved the Espresso Martini too of course.

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