30 Mill Espresso

30 Mill Espresso

(6 / 10)

30 Mill Espresso is actually our closest cafe, just across the road from Tooronga station.  We’ve often walked past on the weekend and noticed that it is quite a popular place. There are many people in their active-wear ordering coffees and dog walkers conveniently stopped in the middle of the footpath for a chat. We’d been there a few times for a coffee but never for a meal so we decided that Sunday was the day.

It was a little cold so we took a table inside.  We got the usual drinks with Virginia having a pot of chai and I had an iced latte.  There wasn’t a lot that jumped out to us on the menu which made the decision easier.  I chose the chilli scrambled eggs and Virginia had the bacon and egg roll.  The food arrived in a good time.  We both thought the meals were fine but nothing we’d go back for given the wealth of choice we have locally.  They do make fantastic coffee though and it is very convenient for that.  We gave 30 Mill Espresso 6 stars.

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