Jack Rabbit Vineyard Cafe

Jack Rabbit Vineyard Cafe

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

Note:  An oversight on our part is that we didn’t get any photos of our meals at Jack Rabbit.  I’ve added photos of the winery and the view we saw versus the view that can be seen on a clear day.

We organised a trip around the Bellarine wineries with our friends Cal and Kate. Jack Rabbit Vineyard was the first one we stopped at and we planned to have lunch there. I’ve been told there is an amazing view over part of Port Phillip bay but the day was that grey and drizzly that we couldn’t see any of the bay at all. Jack Rabbit has both a cafe and a restaurant and we ate in the cafe.

During our wine tasting Kate asked for a table for the four of us and was told that none were free but to check again before we left. Another staff member overheard and did some rearranging and organised a table for us which was really nice. Shortly after we sat down at a table bigger than we actually needed, a larger group arrived for their Christmas party. At that time a table for four had just freed up and we were asked very nicely to move and we did. The group that was there for their Christmas party kindly gave us some chocolates for our trouble.

The menu had a number of good options and the food we saw being delivered started our mouths watering. Cal and I decided to share the Bellarine smoked seafood platter: local pinkie fillet smoked & pickled, Portarlington mussels, Coffin Bay oysters, local king fish, sauce remoulade, witlof salad and sea salt lavosh. Kate ordered the free range pork belly with a melon and soft herb salad, local flowers, pistachio dukkah and JR pinot caramel. Virginia ordered the Wagyu beef double burger on a milk bun with jalapeno, Wildings Spanish onion jam, chunky cut tomato, swiss cheese and beer battered onion rings.  We also ordered a serve of chips for the table.  

The seafood platter was in the sharing section of the menu and so we thought it would be a reasonably large meal but it was more of a shared entree or side dish size.  There were the chips as well though and they were a good serving.  Everything on the seafood platter was really nice except the king fish was a bit disappointing. Kate’s pork belly was a big serving with a good amount of meat.  Kate said it was particularly nice. Virginia’s burger was one of the meals we had seen being delivered and it did look amazing. It was very big and so Virginia gave me half and it was a bit disappointing.  The onion rings were nice though.

The service was good and the location is great.  I felt the food was a little disappointing but it is definitely worth a visit.  We gave the Jack Rabbit Vineyard Cafe 7 stars.


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  1. Great fun to visit Bellarine peninsula, that gives me an idea to do the same next year sometime. Although you were a bit disappointed with some of the food , still A good place to visit. Thanks T & V .

  2. “The food sounds amazing, despite a few misgivings. Sorry you didn’t have any pics of your meals. You may have to do a return trip when the weather is better and the view is revealed.”

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