Sissi & Co

Sissi & Co

6 out of 10 stars (6 / 10)

We finally made it to the final of 8 cafes within a 5 minute walk from our place. We have actually been to Sissi & Co once before for lunch but that was before we started this blog so we thought we probably should go back to review it.

Sissy & Co is a caterer as well as being a cafe and the range of food in the display cabinets is extensive and looks amazing. We sat in an internal courtyard at the back of the cafe where you can see through a window to the large kitchen where there would have been about 8 people working.

We found the breakfast menu a bit limited which compared to the range of food in the cabinets surprised us a bit. Virginia ordered the eggs (folded) with crispy bacon on sourdough and the thyme-buttered mushrooms as an extra. The “mushrooms” ended up being half a large field mushroom. I ordered one of the specials that I can’t remember the exact description of but was corn rostis with an avocado salsa and bacon. The meals were very well presented and nice but we didn’t find them particularly special.

We had two different waitresses, one of whom wasn’t very friendly and the other was lovely.

As I was paying I noticed and bought some Christmas mince pies for later which were enjoyable.

Sissi & Co overall could quite easily earn more but with the limited breakfast menu and our service this morning we are giving it 6 stars.

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  1. Great to have so many options so close to home. You may have to try the lunchtime and dinner menus at Sissi & Co to see if they offer more choices.

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