The Sisters Kitchen Garden Cafe

The Sisters Kitchen Garden Cafe

5 out of 10 stars (5 / 10)

Over the Christmas break we joined my parents for a night down at their beach house. On Boxing Day morning we decided it would be nice to all go out to breakfast together before Trent and I were driving back to Melbourne.

After finding our first breakfast choice (the Sailing Club) was closed, we headed to The Sisters Kitchen Garden Cafe on the main street of Sorrento which was open and buzzing. Anywhere serving caffeine on Boxing Day was guaranteed to do a good trade!

When we arrived we had plenty of choice for a table – most tables were located outdoor in the courtyard but a few were inside, and almost all under some kind of cover. The cafe has a lovely feel as you are sitting amongst the kitchen garden with herbs and veggies growing all around.

There is no table service, so after seating ourselves and finding some menus and water for the table, we had to line up at the counter to order our food and drinks. Whilst we appreciated the saving for the cafe in terms of reduced numbers of wait staff, lining up to order does make the experience a little bit less enjoyable.

After ordering three of our coffees came quite promptly, but unfortunately Trent’s iced latte didn’t arrive. After a significantly long time waiting we asked a passing waitress to check on the order thinking it must have been lost. She said it was still on it’s way but I found it disappointing that we’d had no proactive update from the waitresses that it was going to take significantly longer than the others.

For breakfast Mum and I had scrambled eggs on toast, Dad ordered a berry muffin and toast, and Trent ordered the bacon and egg burger. The scrambled eggs were yummy but very rich, and neither mum or I could finish our serves. Trent’s burger hadn’t been warmed very well so was still cold in the middle, but had a nice flavour. Dad’s berry muffin initially looked disappointing (when he opened it up half the middle was missing), but it had a great flavour and I enjoyed helping him eat it.

Our experience was that the service was friendly but not overly attentive, and the lack of table service was disappointing. Trent’s iced latte being late plus his cold burger was also disappointing. Overall we rated The Sisters 5 stars.

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  1. Really enjoyed this account. The hollow muffin amused me. I guess you gave them the points you did because of the ambience. That aspect seemed very pleasing. Fun thing to do in the holidays.

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