Alcohol Theme Night

Alcohol Theme Night

For the next instalment of our themed events we were hosted by Elise and Andrew for an alcohol theme dinner party. After the success of the BBQ Fusion theme night run by the boys, the bar had been set very high and a good feast was expected.

After some French champagne to kick off the night, we sat down to a raspberry and proscecco scallop starter made by Elise. The scallops were beautiful and the raspberry and proscecco really added a unique flavour. Additionally the presentation was good enough for a fancy restaurant and got us off to a very successful start.

While main course was being prepared, Andrew brought out a “palate cleanser” he had made especially for the night – vodka jelly slice…with sprinkles. To say it was potent would be an understatement. As a designated driver I was very cautious to only have a small taste. However the non-drivers seemed much more inclined to go back for seconds…and thirds.

For main course Trent had made a Jamie Oliver red wine beef stew. Trent had been nice and liberal with the red wine during the cooking process to make sure the night’s alcohol theme was fully adhered to. The stew was hearty and rich and very tasty. Elise had also prepared some green beans to make sure we got enough vegetables. The beans were nice and fresh alongside the heavy stew.

My contribution to the night was beer bread with parmesan and rosemary to serve with the stew. The bread was crispy on the outside and nicely dense in the middle, and definitely best straight out of the oven with butter. It was also perfect for mopping up the last of the stew from our plates (which was of course done discretely and politely).


For dessert came the best creation of the night – a bailey’s and whiskey chocolate cheesecake made by Mark. It was equal parts decadent and rich, with just the right amount of alcohol flavour coming through. It hands down won the award for the best dish of the night, and by group opinion won the coveted ‘best cheesecake ever’ award (with one small protest from me regarding my lemon cheesecake from a previous ‘cheese’ themed night however I was quickly overruled!).

As per our other special events we won’t be giving the evening a star rating, but I can say it was yet another successful theme event and I look forward to the next in the series.

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