The Farmer’s Son

The Farmer’s Son

6 out of 10 stars (6 / 10)

On the way back to Melbourne from a stay over the New Year period with my parents we stopped for lunch in Colac which is something we don’t often do.

We started wandering up the main street and came across The Farmer’s Son which looked nice and had some good looking food in the display cabinet.

There wasn’t any table service and so we went to the counter to order. There were a couple of indecisive people in front of us so it took a little while to get our order in.  The staff were very friendly though and apologised for the wait. We ordered a roast lamb focaccia and a beef and bean quesadilla to eat and Virginia ordered a latte and I ordered an iced latte to drink.

My iced latte came in a very big take away cup which was a bit too much milk for me and it would have been nice to be in a glass since we were eating in.

The flavour of the roast lamb in the focaccia was great and the quesadilla was enjoyable.

If we stop in Colac for lunch again we would probably try somewhere else but wouldn’t rule out a return visit.

We gave The Farmer’s Son 6 stars.

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