The Malvern Hotel

The Malvern Hotel

8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

Recently on a Thursday night we went to The Malvern Hotel for dinner. We don’t normally go out for dinner mid week but this was a special occasion to mark Trent’s last day at his job after 10 years.

We’ve been to The Malvern a few times previously and have always enjoyed it so thought it would be a nice place to celebrate. When we arrived we had our pick of a few tables in the front dining room. There was a good atmosphere with a number of tables already seated. We ordered a glass of champagne each and settled in to read the menu.

We chose the entree sized greek tasting plate (pulled lamb shoulder, salami, hummus, greek salad, tzatziki and homemade herb flat bread) and the main course vegetarian tasting plate (sweet potato skordalia, truffle polenta chips, rice noodle salad, pumpkin and walnut stuffed zucchini) to share.

The greek tasting plate arrived first and we were both very impressed with the flavours. It was a great selection of the best items on a greek restaurant menu. The vegetarian tasting plate arrived next and we were both a bit disappointed. For a main course menu item it was quite a small serving. The flavours were nice but none of the items blew us away.

Overall we enjoyed our evening and look forward to returning for another meal at The Malvern. We rated The Malvern 8 stars for this meal plus our previous excellent experiences.

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