Two Brothers

Two Brothers

6 out of 10 stars (6 / 10)

During his time off between jobs, Trent came out to Mitcham on a Thursday to join me for my lunch break. We walked from my office to Two Brothers, a small cafe in the Rangeview shopping strip on Mitcham Rd.

There weren’t many customers so we had our choice of tables. Because it was quite a warm day we chose to sit inside, but there are also a few tables in a nice little courtyard out the back.

Given it was a weekday and hot neither of us felt like eating a heavy meal so we chose to share the Mediterranean Lamb Salad and the Warm Vegetable Salad. When the salads arrived they came in bowls and were a bit smaller than I expected. The most disappointing thing for me was how difficult they were to eat with a knife and fork out of a bowl.

The lamb in the Mediterranean Lamb Salad was beautiful and cooked perfectly. Unfortunately the rest of the dish was a bit disappointing, and there was too much dressing that was constantly threatening to flick on my nice top. The Warm Vegetable Salad had a great hummus base but the veggies were difficult to cut and there were a few too many seeds in the dish too.

Overall we were a little underwhelmed with Two Brothers on this visit. They do good coffee though and for that reason we rated it 6 stars.


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