The Farmers Arms, Daylesford

The Farmers Arms, Daylesford

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

The first time we went to Daylesford in 2013 the standout meal for me was a dinner we had at The Farmers Arms on a Saturday night. We were given a recommendation from a friend and it was well worth it.  It had a nice country pub feel and it was packed with locals. The part of that first meal that I remember best was the dessert that was freshly made (hot) cinnamon doughnut balls with vanilla ice cream and melted chocolate to dip them in.

On this visit it wasn’t quite as full of people and atmosphere, but it was a weeknight instead of a Saturday night which would explain it. There isn’t table service so we took a photo of the menu boards, got a drink and sat at a table to make the tough food decisions. We decided to share a starter and a main between us.

The starter was Steamed Bao Buns with pulled beef cheek, pickled cucumber, asian herbs and chilli. The main we chose was the Eye Fillet Mignon wrapped in pancetta with mash, garlic spinach and topped with red wine jus. We also had a side of chips which were great. This time unfortunately the doughnut dessert wasn’t available, however we still enjoyed our dinner.

We enjoyed the night, but not quite as much as we remembered so we gave The Farmers Arms 7 stars. We also forgot to get some photos of the food but I did find this one online of the doughnut balls 🙂

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  1. Despite the seven stars it sounds wonderful. What a great idea photographing the menu board so you could have a drink and peruse the menu at your leisure.

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