Blue Bean Love Cafe, Hepburn Springs

Blue Bean Love Cafe, Hepburn Springs

8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

On our weekend away in Hepburn Springs we made breakfast in our unit each morning, but went out for a coffee afterwards each day. On the first day we went into Daylesford for our coffee, but on the second morning we tried a local cafe in Hepburn Springs. Despite the ‘hippy’ sounding name, we chose the Blue Bean Love Cafe.

It wasn’t the trendiest looking cafe but that was what we liked about it. It seemed like the place the locals came to for their coffee. We were impressed enough with our experience for coffee on our second morning that we decided to come back for breakfast on the last morning of our trip before heading home. 

When we arrived for breakfast there were already a couple of tables taken and we were told to choose a table at our leisure. The only waiter was busy making coffees and taking orders, but he brought us water and menus promptly and came back soon after to take our orders. 

Trent ordered the House Made Waffles (with bacon, maple syrup, ice cream and cinnamon) and I ordered the Smashing Avo (avocado and Meredith’s goats cheese smash, pan roasted field mushroom, spinach & poached egg on Basilio sourdough) with a hash brown on the side. Trent had his normal iced latte and I had my normal latte.

The food was served pretty promptly and looked good. They were both good portions – large without being excessively big. The flavours were great too. Trent especially enjoyed his waffles – in his words they were ‘awesome’!

We really enjoyed the general vibe, the service and the food. We found out that the cafe also serves dinner, drinks and have live music on weekends. We definitely thought that would be worth coming back for if we were in the area again another time.

We are giving the Blue Bean Love Cafe 8 stars.

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