5 out of 10 stars (5 / 10)

After completing reviews for all 9 of our local cafe’s, one has changed owners, changed name and reopened to much fan-fair including this glowing write up in Broadsheet that made us particularly keen to try Clubhouse.

Formally Sissi & Co (a cafe that didn’t really grab us – which we gave 6 stars), Clubhouse sounded like a great improvement.  After reading the write-up in Broadsheet I was very keen to go as I’m a keen golfer and liked the sound of a cafe based around the idea of the “19th hole”.

We went for lunch with my mother who ordered the Avo and Fetta Smash which not only looked amazing, but tasted great (yes I did taste some for myself :)).  Unfortunately that’s where the positive part of the experience ended.  Virginia and I ordered pre-made food from the display cabinet, a toastie which was dry with minimal filling, and a wrap that was meant to be toasted but was just lukewarm.  We were both unimpressed.

The thing we both were disappointed about was that the feel of Clubhouse, to us, was no different than when it was Sissi & Co.  Very trendy and not really us, and not at all like any golf clubhouse I’ve ever been in.  We found the service disorganised and not particularly friendly.

Overall we felt like our experience was probably slightly worse than when it was Sissi & Co and so we are giving Clubhouse 5 stars.  I do need to say though that if you are seeking out a trendy Malvern cafe where you can get your fix of overpriced chia seeds, goji berries, sunflower and pepita seeds (I actually had to google these ones, they are a type of pumpkin seed) whilst wearing your Lululemon then you will love Clubhouse.

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