Noosa Surf Club

Noosa Surf Club

5 out of 10 stars (5 / 10)

We recently had a mini holiday, a couple of days in warm sunny Noosa. Our driver from the airport gave us a few restaurant recommendations for our stay. One of them was breakfast at the Noosa Surf Club, located right on the main beach. So on our first morning that’s exactly where we decided to go.

It was a nice sunny day and the windows of the surf club were open allowing for undisturbed views and sounds of the beach and surf. When we arrived there were a few tables already taken but a few along the window still available. After signing in as guests we picked up some menus and settled ourselves at one of the window tables.

After reading the menu I went up to the counter to order our meals. We decided to share a warm croissant and the cheese omelette with bacon and hash browns on the side. The available drinks were very limited – I ordered an english breakfast tea for myself (no chai tea was available), and there was no diet coke or iced latte for Trent so he had to stick with water.

After ordering I took some cutlery, serviettes, and salt and pepper packets back to our table and we settled in to enjoy the view while we waited. My tea came out fast (a lipton tea bag with some hot water) followed quickly by the food.

The croissants were reasonably generic but they were warm and buttery, and came with a good selection of jams and butter packets. The omelette was also basic but well cooked and came with a very generous portion of bacon and hash browns.

We both enjoyed the meals and the portion sizes were generous, but the food was simple and the drink options disappointing. Given there was no table service and given our experience with the food and drinks, we rated Noosa Surf Club reasonably low. Our final rating of 5 stars was given a boost by the location and the view.

Despite the low rating we gave for breakfast, I think it would be the place to be on a Saturday night in Noosa, or an easy option for a dinner with children.

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