Noosa Beach House

Noosa Beach House

4 out of 10 stars (4 / 10)

We hadn’t decided where we were going to go for breakfast this particular morning of our holiday so we just started wandering up Noosa’s Hastings St from our hotel.  We stopped outside the Noosa Beach House at the Sofitel.  We were reading the menu when a staff member asked us if we wanted to come in for breakfast but we hadn’t decided at this stage.  The waiter was very bubbly and happy and joked “I can’t get you a coffee while you’re out here”.  He was that genuine and friendly that we were sold.  We were taken to our table and I scanned the menu quickly for my normal iced latte options.  I saw “Phil’s famous shaken iced coffee” and my decision was made.  I did however ask the waiter what made it famous and he wasn’t sure as he had only started working there the day before.  V ordered an English breakfast tea as chai wasn’t available.  While he went off to put our drink orders in we continued browsing the menu.  We decided on the freshly baked pastry selection and the cinnamon waffles.

It took quite a while for our drinks to arrive and when they did come the tea was a generic tea bag in a fancy cup and I can’t remember the price but unless there were some gold flakes in the tea bag it was too much.  The Phil’s famous shaken iced coffee was a normal iced latte that had the price tag of a famous iced coffee (and who knows, it may have spent some time in a cocktail shaker).  The breakfast orders were taken when the drinks arrived and we had finished our drinks a long time before the meals arrived.  When they did the pastries were fairly generic and the waffles weren’t close to those I had at 10 Hastings St the day before.

The venue is fantastic and the waiter was incredibly friendly however, we waited far too long for our meals to arrive and to get service when we were trying to on multiple occasions, the price was way above the quality of the food and the waiter quite obviously had an aversion to deodorant.  Overall our experience was disappointing so we gave the Noosa Beach House 4 stars for breakfast.

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