Marysville Country Bakery

Marysville Country Bakery

5 out of 10 stars (5 / 10)

For the weekend of my birthday we rented a house with some friends in Marysville.  As soon as we drove into town we noticed the Marysville Country Bakery.  We both love country bakeries and were keen to try it out.  Saturday morning after breakfast we wandered into town and I couldn’t go past the bakery a second time without trying a cinnamon doughnut which was thoroughly enjoyable.  While I was in there I saw the typical display cabinet full of typical country bakery salad rolls and so when I was there for lunch I tried one.  I usually love this type of salad roll but this one was disappointing.  Not bad, just disappointing.  I did follow it up with a Granny’s Slice which was the same as a Vanilla Slice but instead of icing on top it had icing sugar.  That went a long way to making up for the salad roll.

The day we left Marysville we had breakfast at the bakery and both had bacon and egg rolls which were fresh, hot and hit the spot.

Our feeling overall for the bakery was that it was ok but didn’t really meet that country bakery standard that you walk away from counting the days until your next visit.

We are giving the Marysville Country Bakery 5 stars.

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