Fraga’s Cafe

Fraga’s Cafe

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

My first visit to Fraga’s Cafe was when I was with my sister and her young boys, when we were looking for some quick takeaway drinks and a treat on our walk back from town to our rental house. I went ahead of the group and ordered a latte, a hot chocolate, and a kids size chocolate milkshake. The staff were very accommodating with the milkshake – offering me a variety of take away sizes I could choose from. I then perused the many wonderful looking baked goods on offer and chose scones as they were nice and small, and looked tasty. The drinks were good quality and the scones were fantastic.

My second visit to Fraga’s that weekend was with the larger group for lunch – 5 adults and 3 kids. After looking at the tables inside we decided to sit outside so we didn’t have to worry about being in the way of other customers. Our waitress came out to tell us we could come inside whenever we were ready to look at the menu and order at the counter. A few minutes later while we were still getting settled she came out again with some menus because she thought it would be easier for us to look at them at the table. She also said we were welcome to feed the babies our own food while we were there.



The group ordered a range of drinks, meals, sandwiches and snacks from the expansive menu. The cafe is licensed and their drinks included one of our favourite apple ciders – Napoleon, from the reasonably local Punt Road winery. For our lunch Trent and I shared a steak baguette and a chicken baguette. Both came with chips on the side, and in the end our eyes were much larger than our stomachs. While we finished the meals, we both felt overfull and would have only needed to share one between us. Other notable meals from the group included the smoked trout and brie baguette (very tasty and also a large serving), and the Yarra Valley Pasta’s spinach and ricotta ravioli (small but apparently very tasty).

Overall we had great service (a few incorrect drinks and meals came out but they sorted that out quickly), the food was of a very good quality, and the general atmosphere was nice. We scored them 7 stars.

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