7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

We’ve been keen to try Bellezza in Malvern, one of our closest local restaurants, since we moved into the area over 8 months ago.

Finally we had a Friday night free and decided to go. We called around 5pm and made a table booking with a very friendly lady over the phone (no internet booking is available).

When we arrived there were already a few tables taken, and a number of others had reserved signs on them. More and more people arrived as the night went on, so it seems worthwhile booking due to the popularity!

We were seated on the side of the restaurant in a row of 2 person tables which I usually find a bit too close, but feel of the restaurant (plus the lovely older couples seated either side of us), didn’t make it feel claustrophobic.

I couldn’t go past ordering the Peking duck style open taco for entree which arrived very quickly.  Conveniently there were 2 serves so we could share. When it came it was well presented, and each soft taco had a very generous piece of duck on it. The Peking duck flavours were all there and it was a great size.

For main course we ordered a beef goulash claypot to share. At the last moment before our meal was due to arrive we added an order of plain bread because we felt we were going to need something else with it as well.


When the meal arrived the beef was lovely and tender. The very large wedges of potato were nice, but the entire dish seemed a little lacking overall. The bread was soft rather than crusty like you would expect from a baguette style bread, and came with a lovely olive oil and balsamic, but also two packets of butter which seemed a bit too casual in contrast.

Finally we decided to treat ourselves with dessert – and went for one of the specials of the day, a fudge chocolate cake (that we were told tasted like a mars bar cake). The staff were more than happy to ad two scoops of ice cream to the dish on our request.

Presentation of the dessert was great, and the taste was yummy rich chocolate caramel without being too overwhelming. The ice cream was nice to go with it, but wasn’t particularly high quality by itself.

Overall, the service and atmosphere was fantastic, and we think that if we’d ordered a better main dish we could have had an even better experience. We will definitely be back.

We scored Bellezza 7 stars.

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