8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)
Virginia and I have always liked the idea of having our ‘local’ cafe and we have been extremely lucky with Thread.  It isn’t quite our closest cafe but is only 350m away.

Our first experience was the day we moved into our house.  We went to Thread for lunch and liked the feeling as soon as we walked in.  Two boxes were ticked straight away – firstly that they served Diet Coke, and secondly that a water bottle was put on the table straight away.  There was a minor mishap with Virginia’s lunch that day, to which they were very apologetic and promptly replaced her lunch, plus brought us a couple of drinks, and at the end didn’t charge us anything for the entire meal.  Mishap aside we had two very tasty sandwiches that came with a great side salad.  Every time we go to Thread we are greeted in a very friendly manner and V often get’s a couple of extra stamps on her frequent coffee card.  We both love the casual friendly feel of the cafe.

We frequently go to Thread for breakfast and their breakfast menu is great.  We’ve tried just about everything on there.  My favourites being the French Toast and the Mexican Crunchy Eggs.  Virginia also likes the French Toast, and the Mouthwatering Smash (smashed avocado).  Virginia also enjoys their chai tea.

This review isn’t just about all the times we’ve been there in the past.  It is also about their catering for our recent Mother’s Day breakfast.  The Friday before Mother’s Day we went in to order some raspberry and white chocolate muffins, scones, croissants and pain au chocolats  (which they ordered specially for us).  On Sunday morning I arrived at 8:30am to pick them up and the muffins and scones were just coming out of the oven.  As usual they went above an beyond by putting more scones in the bag than we had purchased.  They also provided the jam and cream for the scones.

We both really love Thread, so much so that we haven’t tried all the alternative local cafes yet.  They tick all the boxes that Virginia and I look for in a cafe and their food is definitely above the high standard that you expect from a Melbourne cafe.

We are giving Thread 8 stars.


The reason this post wasn’t published earlier is due to the lack of pictures.  We planned on going there for breakfast and taking some photos.  We got there and ordered and when the food arrived it looked so good we ate it forgetting to take the photos.  We will put some in when we get them.

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  1. Sounds like a mouthwatering and friendly local. It would be good to have its location on the review page so we know if its nearby or the other side of town!
    Enjoying your reviews

  2. Rereading this and remember many subsequent visits to Thread with you. I can endorse everything you have written, a lovely friendly local restaurant serving great food. Looking forward to my next visit.

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