Smolt Kitchen

Smolt Kitchen

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

When Virginia and I were in Hobart for the weekend, Naomi took us to Smolt Kitchen for breakfast.  Naomi chose this cafe because Keeley hadn’t wanted to go there due to the menu having “too much rhubarb, nuts and seeds”.

Smolt Kitchen is in West Hobart and serves quite trendy breakfasts in a cool retro cafe.  Naomi had the blueberry hotcake which came with maple, toasted nuts & seeds, whipped ricotta and poached autumn berry compote.  Virginia and I went halves in two dishes: the smashed avocado on toast with a poached egg added, and Smolt Kitchen smoked maple glazed slab bacon with provolone hash brown, green tomato relish, poached eggs & caper-parsley salad.  Although the meals sounded amazing and the quality was high, the consensus was that some of the extras like nuts on the hotcakes and a lot of sprouts in the caper-parsley salad over powered what would have been great meals.  The food may have been a bit ‘trendy’ for me but the place was obviously popular.

When we left Naomi spotted some cup cake sized jam doughnuts in cup cake patties.  Virginia and I didn’t see them at this stage, but later in the day were told about them so we all went back to Smolt Kitchen for a second time in the one day.  This time we were very happy with the food.  The jam doughnuts were a sensible size and the jam tasted home made.  They were fantastic.

In the end we gave Smolt Kitchen 7 stars.

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  1. Must keep this one in mind for my next trip across Bass Strait. Sounds great – love the idea of rhubarb, nuts and seeds. Missy K would probably have loved those donuts.

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