Whisk & Co.

Whisk & Co.

8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

For Saturday morning brunch in Hobart, Keeley took us to Whisk & Co which seems to be a very popular cafe.  When we arrived there was only one table free and it had a reserved sign on it.  The guy who seemed to be either the manager, owner or both noticed us standing there.  After asking if we were eating in he moved the reserved sign and gave us the table.

Virginia followed Naomi’s suggestion and ordered the 3 Little Pots which consisted of a corn fritter, Eggs Benedict and a Harissa potato rosti.  Keeley had the Eggs Atlantic (Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon) with avocado on the side and I had the pulled pork Benedict.  Everyone really enjoyed their meals.

The place was a little loud and a bit too tightly packed but the food was amazing and we had a good time. Virginia’s coffee arrived after the meals which wasn’t ideal. Overall I would say the service was just ok with the exception of the manager who was really lovely and definitely made the experience better, including allowing us some extra little mini meringues that normally came only with coffees.

Keeley said she would have given 9 stars but we settled on 8.


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