Wine Bar, MONA

Wine Bar, MONA

5 out of 10 stars (5 / 10)

On our Hobart weekend away we went for a quick walk through the MONA exhibitions with Naomi and Keeley, before making our way up to the Wine Bar for a drink and some food.

We perched on a high table with lovely sun coming in on our backs and a view through to the wine barrel room. There is no table service and when I went to the bar I struggled to find a menu. After asking a passing waiter he found me a food and a drink menu from another table which the 4 of us could share.

There were two queues to order from at the bar – one for food and wine, and one for other drinks. Despite there being a large number of staff around, it was a very inefficient ordering process with people spending time tasting drinks and making menu decisions at the front of the queue causing the queues to move very slowly.

Once we’d ordered we had a nice time enjoying our drinks, and eventually our food was (rather unceremoniously) delivered to the table. We had a Cheese Plate with lavosh and quince paste and a Moo Brew Brewer’s Plate (smoked meats, air-dried beef, salami, pickles, relish, berries, cheddar, mustard and sourdough).

While the food was enjoyable and the setting was nice, we were not impressed with the service or the overall experience and rated the Wine Bar 5 stars.

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