Timboon Fine Ice Creamery

Timboon Fine Ice Creamery

8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

We first visited the Timboon Fine Ice Creamery in December 2016 a few days after it first opened. We’d eaten their ice cream before, but the store itself was newly built. Positioned on the opposite side of the creek from the Timboon Distillery and old railway shed, it has been built to make the most of the bush surrounds (and has an especially well constructed driveway and carpark).

Today’s visit was made specifically to try a special flavour of the month – Hot Cross Bun. With some family, nieces and nephews in tow, we fronted up to buy a range of items between us – from an affogato made wih hot cross bun ice cream; scoops of various ice cream flavours including chocolate, mango, honeycomb, maple and cinnamon, and hot cross bun; and a coffee. The general consensus was one of enjoyment – especially from the kids.

I had the affogato made with hot cross bun ice cream. It was disappointing as the coffee overpowered the ice cream flavour, and didn’t go very well with the spices and bits of actual hot cross bun in the ice cream. That said, I had requested the hot cross bun ice cream rather than their typical affogato with vanilla bean ice cream.

Trent had a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of hot cross bun ice cream. Both flavours were disappointing, lacking the depth of flavour in comparison to others we enjoy like Fritz. We both tasted the maple and cinnamon and thought it was great.

Despite the disapointment this time, we have previously enjoyed many flavours at the Timboon ice creamery, including a ‘normal’ affogato (with vanilla bean ice cream), the mint choc chip, apple pie, and espresso flavours.


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