The Meatball & Wine Bar – Flinders Lane

The Meatball & Wine Bar – Flinders Lane

9 out of 10 stars (9 / 10)

We were out for Friday night drinks with our friends Simone and Joe in the city starting at Misty on Hosier Lane. We hadn’t been to Misty before and it was a cool little bar that wasn’t too busy and the music was at a low enough volume for a chat so it was a good place to catchup with friends. It did take a little too long to get a drink at the start of the night even though there weren’t many people there.

Anyway this review isn’t about Misty. After a few drinks at Misty we were ready for somewhere else and since Joe hadn’t had dinner we went in search of some food. Just around the corner on Flinders Lane we found The Meatball & Wine Bar. There are four of these in Melbourne with the others being in Collingwood, Richmond and Windsor. I’ve been to the Richmond one on two previous occasions and had a great experience on both occasions.

When we arrived there weren’t any spare tables apart from a couple out the front on the street and there weren’t any burners to keep us warm on what was a fairly typically icy Melbourne winter’s night. In the end we decided to put our names down for a table inside and would start outside. It was a short wait before we were moved to inside. At the table behind us was a group of people who had been “enjoying” themselves for quite a while, and bumped into Joe a couple of times. The staff immediately saw this and apologised, and when a table further away became available a short time later, they moved us to it. The staff were amazing all night.

The Meatball & Wine Bar has a great atmosphere. Low lighting with a warm feeling and fun music at a good volume. Now let’s get to the food and drinks. They are known for the quality of their meat and for a good reason, it’s fantastic! For the table I ordered one of the things I’d tried at Meatballs before, the Beef Wagyu which is a small dish I think shows the quality of the meat. It is air dried strips of wagyu beef that is rubbed in the “MBWB balls rub”. It’s like a fresher, more tender beef jerky.  Simone, Virginia and I shared the sliders which are the usual small brioche buns but these sliders come with a meatball as the patty and your choice of sauce. The flavour was great. I’m not sure which ones Joe had but he had some meatballs on beans and a green salad. With this we shared a beautifully smooth red wine.

Then came dessert 🙂 .  Each couple shared a Whoppie Mac which is an ice cream sandwich where you can choose both the cookie flavour and the ice cream flavour separately. You can even have a different flavour cookie for the top and the bottom. Simone and Joe chose a chocolate cookie and a coconut cookie with fig and almond ice cream. We had a chocolate cookie and a ginger cookie with chocolate and hazelnut ice cream. We all thoroughly enjoyed them. I had an espresso martini with dessert and it was great (and better than the one I had earlier in the night at Misty) and I remember thinking the same thing last time I visited a Meatballs.

I’ve really enjoyed each time I’ve visited a Meatball & Wine Bar and Virginia agreed we’d give it 9 stars.

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