Neon Tiger

Neon Tiger

6 out of 10 stars (6 / 10)

We went to Neon Tiger on a Saturday morning as part of our plan to try all our local cafes in Malvern. It was busy when we arrived and there wasn’t a table free, which meant we were made to stand awkwardly between the counter, the tables and in the way of the service staff.

When we were seated the tables were very close together and there wasn’t much personal space between us and the people either side. To start Trent ordered a mixed berry and banana smoothie which was very decadent. My pot of chai tea was deliciously brewed with tea leaves and honey.

For breakfast Trent ordered the shakshouka eggs in tomato sauce and I ordered the omelette with bacon on the side. Trent’s meal was rich and yummy. My omelette was enjoyable but a little plain.

While it was an nice meal and the service was very friendly, the tables were too tight and the atmosphere was a little too hectic for us for a lazy weekend breakfast.

Overall we rated it 6 stars.

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  1. Well presented review. Loved the photos. I am a regular attender and enjoy the staff and food; we are made to feel special. Agree with the congestion. Thank you.

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