Zonzo Estate

Zonzo Estate

6 out of 10 stars (6 / 10)

We visited Zonzo when we were looking at potential wedding venues, and loved the sound of the Italian feast they serve to the guests. While we didn’t end up choosing it as a wedding venue, we always wanted to come back and visit for a meal sometime.

A long weekend in April 2017 provided the perfect opportunity when we were driving to Marysville to spend a few days.

The restaurant has a lovely outlook over the vines, and as they only have large tables, they seated the tables for two so that both people were on the same side of the table looking out at the view. It was nice to both get the ‘good seat’.

We took awhile to ponder over the menu, and eventually ordered our food before going up to the bar for a wine tasting to decide what to drink with our lunch. We were told that it would be $5 per person to taste the wines, which was redeemable on a purchase of a bottle of wine to take away, but not on buying lunch or drinks in the restaurant. As the designated driver and less enthusiastic wine drinker, I decided not to do the tastings. The bartender did at least offer a tasting of the wine I was thinking of drinking with lunch (for no charge).

Trent tasted the wines, then we went back to the table, ordered a glass of rose each, and our antipasto platter for two starter arrived. The platter included two meats, some cheese, vegetables and bread. The food was all lovely, but wasn’t generously proportioned, except the bread which was the standout and a very generous serve.

Our pizza con prosciutto arrived next. It looked fabulous, but unfortunately it seemed as if the pizza base had been cut into slices before the toppings were added. It was therefore almost impossible to take a slice of the pizza without pulling the toppings off the slices either side.

We both enjoyed our food, but overall we were disappointed with the service from the general wait staff – we had to wait to catch the eye of a waiter every time we wanted to place an order. They all seemed very busy, but not very observant.


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