Mr & Mrs Anderson

Mr & Mrs Anderson

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)
We went to Mr & Mrs Anderson in Hawthorn on a Sunday morning to meet our friends Clare and Aaron for breakfast.  The cafe opened this year and has received some good write-ups, plus is in our general local neighbourhood so it was one I was keen to try.

When we arrived the door was opened for us as we walked up and there were plenty of spare tables to sit at right away. The service was attentive (we were offered to be told the daily special by 3 different waitresses) and the coffee was yummy, even though mine strangely arrived in a take away cup.

The menu is on the more adventurous side, but it is possible to find something more traditional if that’s what you are after. Clare and Aaron each had the smoked salmon breakfast salad, Trent had the Mexican style scrambled eggs, and I had the pulled pork eggs benedict. The food was great and mine was a very generous serving. We weren’t rushed away from our table after we finished, and were easily able to split the bill 50/50 between us at the register.

We would definitely recommend Mr & Mrs Anderson as a relaxed and yummy breakfast or lunch spot, and we gave it 7 stars (although it was close to getting an 8).

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