High tea at Ganache Chocolate

High tea at Ganache Chocolate

I went with Mum and Fiona to high tea at Ganache Chocolate in South Yarra. We had booked in advance which is recommended given it’s a small shop with only a few tables.

When we arrived we were taken to a room at the back of the shop which was cold and a bit disappointing. We eventually decided to ask to move into the main area when some tables came free which was much nicer.

We all ordered hot chocolates to start – standard milk chocolate for Mum and I, and a cinnamon hot chocolate for Fiona. A bit later our high tea arrived very nicely presented on a cake stand with a separate plate for Fiona’s vegetarian options.

On the bottom tier of the cake stand were some pulled pork and cheese toastie fingers and little ham and spinach quiche sections (Fiona was given “three cheese” toastie fingers and a mushroom quiche). On the middle section were three pieces of the hazelnut flan slice and the brownie mousse slice. On the top of the stand was some little slices of tea cake and a selection of macarons. Some milk chocolate honeycomb slicks and individual praline chocolates came on a separate plate.

The food was all very enjoyable although there was no way we could finish it all. The brownie mouse slice was incredibly rich, and we each only managed to get through half of our servings. We also didn’t finish the cake, macaroons or chocolates. The staff were more than happy to provide take away boxes so we could take our left overs home to enjoy later when we had an appetite again.

The main disappointment was the general lack of service while we were there. It was very difficult to get attention from the staff as they were mostly busy serving people at the counter. Even when we did catch their attention they were sometimes short and they forgot to bring Mum’s tea that she ordered.

Although I don’t think it matches up to some of the other amazing high tea options in Melbourne, at $35 per person I would recommend high tea at Ganache as a value for money experience for a special treat.

High tea at Ganache Chocolate

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    1. Hi Mandy,

      This post was more about the High Tea as an event rather than a review of Ganache. We’ve decided not to put a rating on events. Virginia was going to give 6 stars if the post was to have a rating though.

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