Theme food night – BBQ fusion

Theme food night – BBQ fusion

On Saturday night Trent and I hosted the latest in the series of themed food nights. After five very successful theme nights organised by the ladies we had decided it was time for the boys to do their bit.

The boys chose the theme of ‘BBQ fusion’. (Previous themes in the series have included scones, pies, cheese, nuts and high tea).

The evening started with Trent making margaritas for everyone as they arrived while we snacked on corn chips and salsa. Soon Bill got to work cooking his marinated chicken wings on the BBQ. We ate the chicken wings standing around the kitchen bench as our entree and they were delicious.

While the ladies relaxed on the couch with their drinks and discussed renovation plans, Mark got onto cooking his Asian pork on the BBQ and Trent prepared his Mexican corn on the cob (cooked earlier on the BBQ to save time).

A while later we were invited to sit down to a fantastic spread including the Mexican corn and BBQ pork plus no less the three wonderful salads – Mexican bean salad (Trent), zucchini salad (Bill) and cauliflower salad (Mark).

The food was absolutely fabulous. While the corn was a little spicy for Jackie, Rosey was more than happy to help her out with her share. The rest of us guarded our corn jealously. The pork was juicy and tender and went very nicely with the salads.

We finished the meal off with some port and a few sweets.

As for all our special events we won’t be giving a star rating, however the night was a huge success. Well done boys!

9 thoughts on “Theme food night – BBQ fusion

  1. What a fun review! Sounds like a great evening.
    P.S. Do you want constructive criticism? I would dice the first photograph – doesn’t look tantalising with the dirty plate and drip on the bench!

  2. Whilst I feel this review covers the event in sufficient detail, I would like to note that it neglects to mention the absence of two regular theme night attendees. I can only assume the author/s were so devastated by this absence that they are not yet able to write about it.

  3. Very lucky indeed Jenny! You’re right, it does look like there is one exceptionally large glass of port. But I assure you they were all very small – it’s just a trick of the photo angles.

  4. You’re so right Crimpy Chick. I just couldn’t find the words. But I also thought it might be an incentive for them to make sure they get into the next write up!

  5. Sounds like a great night. The review alone and the conversation that followed it is worth 10 stars. Really enjoying these reviews.

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