Beans Republique

Beans Republique

8 out of 10 stars (8 / 10)

Sunday we tried out another one of our local cafes.  It actually isn’t the first time we’ve been there.  We did drop in shortly after we moved in to the area.  I’ve also been there for lunch a couple of times and their food is great.

We both had a tough time choosing what to have for breakfast with most options on the menu sounding fantastic. V ordered the Stagger Joe which is bacon rose, scrambled egg and sizzling chorizo all stacked on open-grilled Turkish bread, topped with sliced avocado and roasted tomatoes.  I was close to ordering this too but we decided to share and so I ordered the pancakes which included grilled banana, fresh strawberries, ice-cream and butter scotch.  Initially I thought they were slightly dry given the butter scotch instead of maple syrup but that thought disappeared as quick as it arrived.  They were great.

The cafe has a nice feel to it.  It has big rolls of brown paper that are pulled down from the roof with the daily specials on them that I thought was a cool touch.  The food in all the cabinets looks a step above most places and the cake cabinet looks amazing.

Beans Republique is somewhere we will be keen to visit again soon.  The service was friendly but if it had been a bit better 9 stars may have been considered.   In the end we gave 8 stars.

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