7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

We visited Noisette in Port Melbourne recently for a late breakfast on a Monday morning. There were plenty of tables available with a few people ordering take away coffee and a few perusing the fabulous pastries on display. The tables were particularly close together giving the cafe a very Parisian feel.

We ordered a ham and cheese croissant and a croque monsieur to share plus an iced latte for Trent and a pot of chai tea for me. There was no table service for ordering, but the service was friendly and the food was delivered relatively quickly to our table.

The croissant and croque monsieur were very tasty and decadently cheesey, however they were both a little cool and would have been nicer if they were heated more. They were both also quite heavily layered with bechemal sauce. Despite this the croissant particularly was perfectly flaky and buttery and it was a great meal.

Before we left we purchased a baguette to take home for lunch and a mini pain-au-chocolat for a sneaky bit of a dessert on the way out (we just couldn’t go past the amazing looking pastries). The pain-au-chocolat had very decadent dark chocolate inside, I’m sure the rest of the pastries would be just as good.

Our lunch time baguette was crunchy outside and beautifully soft inside – just as good on it’s own with a slather of butter as used for sandwiches.

We would recommend visiting Noisette for a great traditional French croissant or baguette, possibly the best you’ll find in Melbourne. We rated Noisette a 7 overall for the experience (but the croissants and baguettes would get close to 9 stars).

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