Bistro Thierry

Bistro Thierry

10 out of 10 stars (10 / 10)

We went to Bistro Thierry in Hawksburn on Monday night with my parents for my birthday dinner. Despite being a Monday night the place was buzzing with all tables full and some tables turned over twice while we were there.

Our waiter was bubbly, entertaining and French. We ordered some drinks when we sat down (French champagne for Trent and I, and white wine for mum and dad) which came quickly. After ordering our meals we were given a basket of baguette slices with butter on the table. As always the baguette was wonderful.

Dad had his usual entree of French Onion soup, Mum ordered a seafood bisque special, and Trent and I shared a serving of pan seared scallops. All the entrees were fabulously tasty and of excellent quality.

For main course Mum and Trent ordered the medaillons de veau poêlés (veal medallions), Dad ordered the magnet de canard (duck breast), and I ordered the bœuf à la Bourguignonne en croûte (beef bourguignon). We also had a serving of french fries for the table. Dad’s duck was perfectly pink and as good as the last 20 times he has had it. Mum and Trent both thoroughly enjoyed their veal medallions. My beef was beautifully rich and a very generous serving.

After our meals we debated whether we had room for dessert.…but really there was no question. We ordered the chocolate soufflé and an extra serving of assorted ice creams for the table to share. When the souffle was delivered to the table the waiter pierced the top and poured in liquid chocolate. It’s quite a display and the taste more than matched up to the expectation. The assorted ice creams were also fabulous – fig, hazelnut and passionfruit flavours – and came with a rich chocolate macaroon.

It was a fabulous night which met if not exceeded our expectations and our past experiences. It’s a restaurant we highly recommend and will definitely return to.

Overall we rated Bistro Thierry a top score of 10 stars.

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  1. 10 stars !!! its a great restaurent we have always enjoyed. Except… our last visit a couple of weeks ago, when we were disappointed. So very nice to hear you enjoyed a perfect night, as it should be !!

  2. Wow 10 stars!! Have been wondering when a restaurant would finally achieve that for you. Sounds like a lovely evening.

  3. Also thought the evening at Bistro Thierry was wonderful. Should be mentioned that, being a week night, we did not want a late night and somehow they managed to have us out in two hours without any feeling of being the least bit rushed!

  4. That sounds absolutely delicious. Haha “Dad’s duck was perfectly pink and as good as the last 20 times he has had it” 🙂 My favourite line

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