Mr Foxx

Mr Foxx

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

This morning for breakfast we went to the last cafe on the north side of out little local shopping strip, Mr Foxx.  We had heard mixed reviews but mostly positive.  It is one that Virginia has wanted to go to since we moved into the area.

When we arrived the door was opened for us and we were taken directly to a table and were given water and menus straight away.  We were also offered drinks immediately and Virginia ordered a pot of Chai tea.  I ordered an iced coffee (without ice-cream 🙂 ).  We had a great corner table surrounded by windows and a great view of the rest of the cafe.

The menu was another menu that made our choice of breakfast quite difficult.  Again we decided to share and ordered the Foxx benedict with beef brisket, spinach, onion, jam, poached egg & potato foam.  The other meal was baked eggs with smoked ham hock, red kidney bean, spiced tomato & buttered toast.  I also ordered the mixed berry smoothie.

While we were waiting for the meals to come we enjoyed our drinks and did the Good Weekend quiz.

When the meals arrived they looked amazing.  The meals were good but there were a couple of things that weren’t to our taste.  We both thought the kidney beans dominated the baked eggs and the benedict was more of a sweet dish than savoury and didn’t have hollandaise sauce which we believe is a must for a benedict.  The menu did mention that there were beans in the baked eggs and there was jam on the benedict and no hollandaise sauce so we did get what we asked for, but it still just didn’t hit the spot for us.


Mr Foxx had potential for 8 stars but with the way we felt about our meals and after noting that the menu just seems like it is trying too hard we are giving 7 stars.  Definitely recommend giving it a try though if you’re in the area.

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  1. I had a lovely lunch here with mum and the small people. The outside area was good for kids and the staff pretty accepting and helpful.

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