Bizzarri Dolci

Bizzarri Dolci

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

We went into Bizzarri Dolci in our local shopping strip in Malvern late on a Saturday morning for a coffee and a treat. I’ve visited a few times to pick up a packet of biscuits or get a coffee, and I always enjoy trying out the tastings they have on offer at the counter. The shop focuses on hand making biscuits which you can watch through the glass at the back of the store. A range of pre made food including sweet cakes and biscuits plus some savoury items are available for eating in.

We ordered a skinny latte and an iced latte, plus a piece of chocolate cake to share. The tastings available were bits of sticky date cookie, choc apricot hazelnut bread and shortbread and we happily helped ourselves.

There are a few tables inside but it’s a bit tight and because it was such a warm day we decided to sit outside. Although the atmosphere outside isn’t really that great, just a few tables on the footpath.

The service was friendly and our food was delivered to our table quickly. The drinks were nice and came with cute little mini meringues. The chocolate cake was ok but not the greatest. I was a little disappointed given the quality of their other cakes and biscuits.

Overall we rated Bizzarri Dolci 7 stars. It’s a nice place to get a coffee or a treat.

2 thoughts on “Bizzarri Dolci

  1. Sounds lovely. Must try an iced latte some time. I suspect it is different to the big iced coffee with ice cream and cream which I have enjoyed in the summer. I love the idea of being able to see the biscuits being made. Sounds like a lovely cafe

    1. Unfortunately Maree I’ve never actually seen them making the biscuits – just doing bits and pieces behind the glass. I assume they mostly bake during the week and I have only visited on the weekends. It’s on my list to try and get back on a weekday!

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