Canteen Richmond

Canteen Richmond

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

This morning Virginia and I caught up for Fiona for brunch on Swan St, Richmond.  We arrived a bit before Fiona and so wandered a little to choose a cafe.  The menus at the first two cafes we passed had meals that sounded like a mishmash of the latest fad superfoods.  We then came across Canteen Richmond that had a menu that comparatively speaking, had meals that resembled what I think of as breakfast food.

It still had the appearance of a very trendy cafe and in the past there have been occasions where the more trendy the cafe, the less friendly the staff.  This wasn’t the case this time.  We helped ourselves to a table as there weren’t many spare and the staff were quite busy.  One thing I noticed straight away was that there didn’t seem to be enough room between the back of my chair and the counter and so I felt kind of in the way.

We started with drinks and both Fiona and Virginia ordered a port of chai tea and I ordered an iced latte.  I’m still new to iced lattes but this was the strongest one I’ve had yet and very enjoyable.

Fiona ordered the chilli scrambled eggs.  I was eyeing these off as well as they came with ham (unless you choose the vegetarian option) and manchego cheese.  Virginia and I shared again, this time the french toast and a dish that I can’t remember the name of but was eggs baked in spiced yoghurt with slow cooked lamb.

Fiona enjoyed her scrambled eggs but said the meal was too big.  I really enjoyed the french toast that was a dense, sweet, fruit bread with strawberries, candied nuts, soft bacon and syrup.  It was quite cake like and not what you expect when you order french toast and for that reason Virginia didn’t enjoy it as much.  We  both enjoyed the eggs because they were different but thought the yoghurt overpowered the meal a bit.

The staff were friendly and when our meal orders were taken we were told that there would be a bit of a wait, 10-15 minutes due to there only being one chef on at the time.  The meals arrived within that time and it didn’t feel like a long wait.

We found it a bit difficult to decide whether to give Canteen 7 on 8 stars. In the end we decided on 7 because we probably wouldn’t choose to go back there over somewhere else because it was a bit loud, busy and trendy for us.

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