Our Kitchen Table

Our Kitchen Table

(8 / 10)

Sunday morning Virginia and I met one of our friends Sarah at a cafe in Malvern East called Our Kitchen Table.  The day before I’d seen this event in our shared calendar and the location was Our Kitchen Table and so I asked Virginia what time Sarah was coming around.  V looked at me puzzled for a start, and then had a good laugh before explaining that we were going to a cafe called Our Kitchen Table.

Virginia and I arrived before Sarah and were trying to decide if we’d sit outside in the back courtyard or out the front on the footpath as we were expecting Sarah to bring her dog.  When she arrived without her dog we were quite happy to take a table inside as it was a little cold. We did have a table that was fairly central which doesn’t make it quite as relaxing with people coming in and out for their morning take-away coffees.

Our waitress came and took our drink orders.  Sarah had a coffee, V had a pot of chai which she thoroughly enjoyed and I had an iced latte.

When it came to ordering breakfast, the menu presented many good choices making the decision difficult.  Sarah ordered the spanner crab scramble eggs – crab, coriander & spring onion scrambled eggs on corn bread with a side of chilli sauce.

Surprise, surprise Virginia and I shared again and again went for sweet and savoury which works particularly well for us because V likes to start with the savoury and finish with something sweet, and I like a sweet breakfast but often don’t feel satisfied and like to finish with something savoury.  We ordered the waffles which came with banana, maple syrup and bacon as an extra, and the daily special omelette with prosciutto and nice cheese.

We really enjoyed our breakfast and the service was prompt and friendly. We gave Our Kitchen Table 8 stars but we recommend you sit away from the door for an 8 star experience.




When writing this review I was looking at the online menu for Our Kitchen Table and noticed the hotcakes.  I’m not sure how I missed these ones. They are affogato hotcakes, with vanilla ice cream, maple, espresso and cocoa crumb.  I mentioned this to V and she said we’d have to go back.  I didn’t argue.  I did notice after this that the waffles we had weren’t on the menu so maybe they replaced the affogato hotcakes.  We still have to go back though.

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