The TinPin Bakery

The TinPin Bakery

6 out of 10 stars (6 / 10)

After a great afternoon at The Butler and some great red wine from Orange, NSW on Saturday night, we started Sunday with a nice walk along the Bondi to Bronte Coastal walk.  For most of the walk, even though the weather was great and the scenery was amazing all I was really thinking about was what we were going to have for breakfast.  Virginia had told me about this great bakery cafe very close to Claire and Mick’s.  Apparently originally it was only a bakery but became so popular it opened a pop up cafe across the street which is where we went.

When Virginia had been the day before she’d had Shakshuka which came with what she said was an amazing, soft white roll that I would love.  She also said they made a bacon and egg roll, so I was sold!

We all went straight for the water after the walk but also ordered our other drinks. Claire went for a blood orange juice, Mick had a tea and Virginia and I went for an iced latte.  We made our breakfast food orders at the same time. Claire ordered the bircher, and Mick, Virginia and I ordered the TinBin bacon and egg roll.  The bircher looked like a really nice summer breakfast. The bacon and egg roll came in the same great soft, white roll Virginia had told me about but it was toasted. It wasn’t over done but I would have preferred it fresh.

We waited quite a while and then Claire’s juice arrived just before the breakfast and Mick’s tea and our iced lattes arrived after the food.  When our drinks did arrive the iced lattes ended up being normal lattes that had been left to sit to cool down.  No iced added, so what we had were weak luke warm lattes.  We took one back and they were fine about it and in the end didn’t charge us for either of them.  They said that different barristers do them in different ways, but to me, ice is a fairly key ingredient in an iced latte.

Even with the iced latte issue we are giving The TinPin Bakery 6 stars because the food was good and next time we visit Claire and Mick I can imagine going back there.

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