The Butler

The Butler

7 out of 10 stars (7 / 10)

We recently spent the weekend in Sydney with Claire and Mick. I flew up on Friday and had a lovely evening alone with Claire, then Trent flew up to join us on the Saturday. When Trent arrived it had unfortunately turned windy, cold and rainy so Claire had done some forward planning and booked a table at a restaurant called The Butler in Potts Point for the four of us. If we couldn’t be out and about enjoying the city it wasn’t a bad second option to wine and dine in style for the afternoon!

When we sat down at the table we went straight for the drinks menu and were particularly taken by the cocktails on offer. Trent, Claire and I went for one of their three espresso martini flavours on offer, and Mick started with a bloody mary.

The Butler was full and buzzing and seemed to be the place to be (and the place to take selfies). We had the best table in the middle of the enclosed balcony with a fabulous view through the plants to the city skyline.

After looking at the food menu we decided to settle in and order The Butler’s Banquet – a seven course shared degustation. We were all quite hungry and it took awhile for the food to arrive, but when it did most of the dishes came quite quickly.

First we had a salmon dish (cured salmon, green apple, habanero, onion, citrus) followed by a kingfish dish (hiramasa kingfish ceviche, avocado cream, salsa Mexicana, tigre leche). Both were light but had great flavours. Strangely each came with five pieces of fish for the four of us to share, but we managed to make it work without too much squabbling. Next came sopa seca (sopa seca, roast tomato, Swiss chard, smoked cashew cream) – a pasta salad dish that was still light but with a bit more substance.

The next dishes were slightly larger – pork empanadas (slow cooked pork & chipotle empanada, parmesan, fermented apple puree) – with a non-pork alternative brought out for Claire that looked tasty – followed by chicken sliders (buttermilk fried chicken slider, ranch slaw, peanut salsa macha). The sopa seca and the empanadas both had really great mexican flavours, and last two dishes were significantly more substantial portions which finally made a dent on my hunger.

And last but not least the piece de resistance – Lamb Barbacoa (1200gm lamb shoulder slow cooked in banana leaf with adobo) with a quinoa salad (quinoa, pickled red cabbage, cucumber, mint, orange & labneh) on the side. It was beautiful meat and more than enough food for the four of us. We all finished feeling very satisfied and thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon.

The service was friendly although often sparse when we were trying to get attention. It was also generally very loud in the restaurant. Overall we rated The Butler 7 stars and would definitely recommend it.

5 thoughts on “The Butler

  1. The food looks delicious; and the setting must have been divine. I feel I should negotiate 7.5 on their behalf!

  2. Claire always knows where to go !! The Butler sounds great fun and delicious food
    A good one to try . Sounds like a great weekend in Sydney , Claire would have loved having you up there.

  3. We were deciding between a 7 and an 8 Mandy. Might have to go back a second time to see if we change our mind.

  4. I can’t think of a better way to spend a cold windy day. The food sounds amazing, the view incredible and with great company, the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

  5. I know, it was tough to choose between 7 and 8 this time. It just goes to show once again how important service is to us!

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