Loose Chocolates

Loose Chocolates

Recently Virginia got a little booklet that listed all the chocolates in the Haigh’s Loose Chocolates range with a little picture of them.  We thought it might be a fun idea to, over time, try one of all of them and cross them off in the booklet starting July 2017.  Then we thought why not create this page.  One further reason to do this is that we have a couple of favourites at Haigh’s and usually get one of them when visiting.  Not too long ago when Virginia was in one of the stores a guy came in and ordered 12 dark raspberry caramel’s.  Virginia remarked that they must be good and he said that they were the best.  She bought a couple and we tried them and they are now in our favourites list.  They probably wouldn’t have been one that we would have tried otherwise though and that is the second reason we thought we should try one of all of them.

We are rating the chocolates out of 3 with 1 being our absolute favourites,  2 being ones we’d potentially have again and 3 being ones that aren’t really to our tastes (but all Haigh’s chocolates are awesome).

Update 17-09-2017

So we’ve started to have a couple of chocolates where our tastes differ.  First off it was only 1 point different with the Dark Turkish Delight and the Yalumba Antique Tawny Fig Liqueur. Then I gave the Dark Champagne Truffle a 1 and Virginia gave it a 3.  Just to reiterate though that 3 doesn’t mean we don’t like it just that it isn’t to our taste or we’d prefer something else.  All Haigh’s is awesome 🙂

Dark Raspberry Caramel11
70% Dark Chocolate Truffle11
Milk Almond Vanilla Nougat11
Dark Peppermint Cream11
Milk Creme De Cafe11
Milk Macadamia Nougat11
Dark Hard Caramel11
Dark Creme De Cafe11
Dark Raspberry Truffle11
Milk Cafe Latte Truffle11
Dark Creme Brulee Truffle11
Dark Strawberry Cream11
Dark Lime Cream11
Dark Burnt Caramel Truffle11
Dark Spearmint Square11
Dark Turkish Delight12
Milk Sticky Date Pudding21
Dark Almond Vanilla Nougat22
Dark Rose Cream22
Dark Stout Ganache22
Dark Strawberry Pepperberry Ganache22
Dark Vanilla Almond Cream22
Milk Almond Krokant22
Milk Hard Caramel22
Milk Mango Fruit22
Milk Salted Caramel22
Milk Wattleseed Crunch22
Dark Passionfruit Cream22
Dark Fruit Mince Pie (Seasonal Christmas 2017)22
Milk Butterscotch Ganache (Seasonal 2017)22
Dark Shiraz Truffle22
Milk Praline Truffle22
White Lemon Truffle22
Milk Cointreau Truffle22
Roasted Almond22
Dark Quandong22
Dark Mandarin Cream22
Milk Turkish Delight22
Milk Peppermint Cream22
Dark Chocolate Truffle22
Dark Cherry and Coconut Cluster22
Hot Cross Bun Chocolates (Seasonal Easter 2018)22
Milk Raspberry Cream22
Milk Gingerbread Nougat (Seasonal - Christmas 2018)22
Milk Honey Ganache22
Milk Coconut Square22
Milk Forest Fruit Cream22
Milk Blood Orange22
Milk Coconut Rough23
Milk Rum & Raisin Fudge23
Dark Champagne Truffle31
Milk Vanilla Slice31
Dark Lemon Myrtle Cream32
Yalumba Antique Tawny Fig Liqueur32
Dark Stout Ganache32
Dark Mango Chilli Truffle32
Dark Apricot33
Dark Ginger33
Dark Marzipan33
Milk Ginger33
White Cranberry & Pistachio Cluster33
Dark Orange Slice33
Dark Plum Liqueur33
Dark Pistachio Fudge33
Dark Cherry Liqueur33
Milk Almond Cluster33
Dark Violet Cream33
Dark Walnut Brandy Crunch33